Liebster Award


Many thanks to Roguecat at for nominating me for this lovely award.  I told her I was tickled fuschia!

And now to answer the questions posed by Roguecat.

  1.  Is there a person in your personal life who hasn’t seen your blog, but you want them to? And why? I actually prefer most of my friends and family not seeing the blog.  I find it freeing and more private.  I prefer getting feedback in the comments and likes sections from people who I don’t know.  They usually can relate to my PTSD issues better as they often have PTSD or other mental health issues.  

2.  What are 5 things or personal items to be found in your bedroom?  First off, would be my journals.  I journal daily about my day, my feelings, my challenges.  I talk to my inner child on these pages.  Another item is a picture of my wonderful son.  I was not born under a lucky star but he has made it all worthwhile and makes me feel lucky.  I also keep a small plate of tiny seashells that we gathered from a beach in Florida one special day.  I touch them and can remember the wind and the waves and the sun and the sand.  On my nightstand you will find a sweet-looking troll in a dress with turquoise hair.  I like to pretend that she is very wise and understands me.  Finally, are my hand lotions — one is lavender, the other pomegranate.  I use them when I am feeling self-destructive.  Smoothing them into my hands and arms and smelling their scents is soothing and comforting. 

3.   What is your favorite novel  or book, and why?  The first one that pops into my mind is Harry Potter — any of the Harry Potter books. They are very special to me because my son and I read them each out loud to each other over many years.  Often, we were going through tough times and reading these books were the bright times. 

4.  What is the one thing you are not good at but you still do anyway, without giving a damn?  It would have to be singing and dancing to my favorite music when I am alone in my home.  I close the blinds, but if the neighbors hear — so be it! 

5.   What would your ideal vacation be like?  I would be walking about Diagon Alley and Hogwarts at Universal in Florida!  Okay, so I am 55 but nevertheless this is my dream!  

6.   What us the one serious political or social issue that you feel strongly about?  The separation of church and state.  Too many people are trying to get the government to legislate their religion’s brand of morality.

7.   What is something you’d want your future self to remember or be reminded of?  The good times sprinkled throughout the bad times.  

8.   Who’s your favorite person in the world and why? That would be my son.  He is very funny, smart and kind.  He brightens and broadens my world.  (He got me to read Crime and Punishment and The Brothers Karamazov.)

And now, for the drum roll please…

I nominate:

And Now, for my questions…

!.  What has been the most surprising aspect of blogging that you didn’t expect when you first began?

2.  What is or was your favorite comic in the newspapers? Tell why. Or who or what makes you laugh? Tell why.

3.   What book would you like everyone to read? Tell why.

4.    If you could invite one famous person to tea (or beverage of your choice) who would it be and why?

5.   If you knew you would be going to be stranded on a deserted  island, what would you take with you (besides items needed to live and survive)? In other words, what non-essentials would you consider essential?  There is no Wifi.


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