Friday Art Cat: ‘Lazy Days’ by Sema Martin — Katzenworld


I was just blown away by the talent of this artist and I wanted to share.

The post Friday Art Cat: ‘Lazy Days’ by Sema Martin appeared first on Katzenworld – Welcome to the world of cats!. Friday Art Cat: ‘Lazy Days’ by Sema Martin Sema Martin is an Award-winning Artist best known for her work in colour pencil. Exploring themes of realism, texture and movement, her work depicts a range…

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5 Victim-Shaming Myths That Harm Abuse and Trauma Survivors and Encourage Spiritual Bypassing — Surviving Domestic Violence and social injustice towards victims!


By Shahida Arabi, Bestselling Author Last updated: 21 May 2019 As an author and researcher who has communicated with thousands of trauma and abuse survivors, I’ve become all too familiar with the victim-shaming myths which cause retraumatization in those who have suffered the unimaginable. These myths are often normalized as everyday platitudes that, even when said in […]

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United We Stand … Divided We ??? — Filosofa’s Word


Sean Spicer … remember him? The first to claim that Trump’s less-than-stellar inauguration had drawn bigger crowds than Obama’s in 2009, he soon tired of being forced to tell so many lies on behalf of Trump that he resigned his position as White House Press Secretary and returned to private life. So, what’s he doing […]

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My Therapist and My Heart


Image result for bing and artworks of a father embracing a daughter

I only post my own words once in a while.  While I post a lot of posts that I admire.  I also comment on many posts, and many times think “Oh, maybe I should have created a new post from that”  after I find that my comment has almost become an essay!  LOL!  I had a sudden realization yesterday that I thought maybe worth sharing.

A couple of months ago, I experienced a rupture in the relationship with my therapist of twenty years.  He had said something that bothered me and from there began ricochets like a pinball machine within me.  After numerous sessions (and the last one where I cried), I finally could feel that he was trustworthy again and felt the love and connection to him.

The pain that I experienced these many weeks was excruciating and nearly unbearable.  My father severely sexually abused me as  a child and teenager.  When this finally came to consciousness in the form of flashbacks in my thirties, it felt like a death.  The father I had loved and adored (when he wasn’t abusing me, we shared a sense of humor and he gave me attention and we shared  playing badmiton and chocolate soda shakes together.)  I lost this place in my heart that provided a feeling of being loved.  A few years ago,  I lost my faith in a loving God, who I thought of as my real father, when after a lifetime of abuse my second husband got a rare disease where he lost the ability to stand and walk and eventually to even sit up unaided. He also became deaf.  This was awful for him and also awful for me. Every month his condition became worse no matter what treatments the doctors gave him since nothing was known really on how to since it was so rare that research was minimal.  After a lifetime of abuse and hardship, the loving god that I had believed in and prayed to since I was a child, seemed to be a hoax.  Though I was very angry , at the same time, for him allowing another hardship of such proportions into my life.  I do not want to challenge anyone’s faith with my confession.  I wish you to keep it since it had given me such comfort, guidance and hope.

So, in a sense, I had lost two fathers.  Over the twenty years, that I had been receiving therapy from my male therapist, he had become among many things, a father-figure to me.  As I came out of the fog of confusion about the safety and trustworthiness that I had hitherto  found in him and could start to feel as I had about him before the misunderstanding, I began to see something in my heart that I had never seen clearly before.  (Please excuse me using the term heart.  I know it is my brain; but, I see emotions as stemming from the term heart.)  The reason that the rift had  been so painful became clear to me.  In my heart was this place where he resided.  All the support and a thousand kindnesses had created a place there where I felt close to him.  Just as a loving parent provides a space like this that supports us as we journey through life, he had created in me this same type of place.  I often leaned into this place for comfort and a feeling of love and safety.  Sometimes, I lay in a fetal position to rest from the difficulties of life and my mental conditions of PTSD, depression and anxiety.  I would get relief there and get up ready to once again struggle to try to live a better way.  That is why the rupture in this relationship was so painful.  I couldn’t find this oh-so necessary place which had nourished me all these years.  And, of course, he, temporarily had ceased creating in me the feeling of he and his office being a safe and nourishing space.  I had experienced the despair and desperate longing of a child suddenly orphaned.  There was nowhere to go to for my need for the good father.

Oh, when I found it again on Monday, I immediately crawled inside this place in my heart and felt all the comfort it supplied; but, I cried also for the time when I couldn’t find it and had despaired.  A bittersweet homecoming.

Art by Edvard Munch


Appearances — Square Peg, Round Hole


Love her attitude and completely relate to it! LOL!

I grew up with the belief that appearances where everything. What was happening on the inside of our home wasn’t reflected to the outside world. I think it was pretty much the norm. Nobody aired their dirty laundry. We simply kept up a facade. Now, I am not saying that my home growing up was […]

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Loneliness — Emerging From The Dark Night


For the first time, I understand why I need and crave so much solitude and what it provides for me.  I reblog this poem in the hope that others will see themselves and understand and value and honor their need too.  A great poem.


Loneliness was the comfortable blue shirt that you wore Wrapping it tightly around you Helping you to feel safe from harm Lonelieness was the deep blue sea you dived into After all the hurt made your body ache For the soft drowning of water Loneliness was the storm that blew up When they left you […]

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Happy Senior Citizens Day — bluebird of bitterness


I am a BIG fan of this blog!  I especially love the first photo below.  Since I am turning 60 next year, I have been wondering what growing old will have in store for me.  This photo made me laugh as I recognized it as something that I would do!  So I see good times in my future. 🙂


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