Guest Star: Quinn’s memory – TIL DEATH DO US PART…



Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Brooke and we would recommend having a pack of tissues at the ready:

Dearest Quinn,

I just got word that you aren’t doing so well.

Our mutual Friend — the one you’ve been watching over since I began this wacky mid-life quest — is concerned that you’ve lost some weight, have been wobbly on your feet, and spend most of the day sleeping. We agreed it was time for a doctor’s visit. I know, I know — the vet’s hands are cold, the place smells like commoners, and there’s a chance you’ll be on the wrong end of a pointy thing — but it’s a chance for you to get out of the house and have a chauffeured view of the world again, if only for a few hours. I know how much you like that. In fact, I can’t help but…

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Today, I am not okay.


NOT MY SECRET...overcoming the shame of sexual abuse

I cannot express the depth of my sorrow

except in poetry

which is the only way I can get to those parts of me

that no one can see

but that hover,



I can see the light through the shadows

I just can’t reach it.

The weight of my own mind overpowers me.

It isn’t the past.

It is the right here and right now.

I just can’t bear.




If I am brutally honest

I feel

utterly alone.

So I can’t end this on a positive note.

A sum up with a message of power.

I admit

I am not okay today.

A crack runs through the base of my tower..

Pieces of me,

Will cover you in a shower.

A rainfall

of the brokenness

of me.

For the shadows

are too dark,

And the light

I cannot reach.

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Excellent Overview of What Needs to be Happening in your Therapy


I love this guy and his videos. He has a fun, upbeat style. Follow his channel on Youtube. You can also follow his Emotional Trauma Support Group on Facebook. This is helpful to me right now. Not that therapy isn’t working, but I feel stuck and powerless because of the political situation. This […]

via “Why Therapy is Not Working” (Ryan Liberty) — Down the Rabbit Hole

My Body Speaks: my latest book of poetry published. Offered free feb15-19


NOT MY SECRET...overcoming the shame of sexual abuse

I would be very honored if you would download a copy of my newest book of poetry published on Amazon. It is titled:My Body Speaks and will be available for free February 15t-19th. Thank you friends!

All downloads will help my book rating on amazon. Thank you 🙂

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