The Broken And Exhausted — Laura Simply Stumbling


I have three horses. All three of them have been rescued from an uncertain future and likely untimely death due to being thrown into the slaughter pipeline. There is no telling how they ended up there, but probably because they were sold at an over crowded horse auction where towards the end of the night […]

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Today’s Snarky Snippets … — Filosofa’s Word


Please scroll down to see some great memes about Trump’s latest revision of history!  Very funny!

I’m feeling snarky today. “What’s new?”, I hear you asking yourself as you shake your head. Nothing much, I suppose, and I have a feeling I will continue feeling snarky for at least the next 16 months, probably longer. A double standard? In the news this morning, I read that Peter Yarrow of the famed […]

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The Living Hell of Emotional Flashbacks — Fighting for a Future


Emotional flashbacks are a complex mixture of intense and confusing reliving of past trauma from childhood. It is like living a nightmare while you are awake, with overwhelming sorrow, toxic shame, and a sense of inadequacy. Filled with confusing and distressing emotions from the past, an emotional flashback is extremely painful. In my experience, an…

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Random — Square Peg, Round Hole


Please, please do yourself a favor and continue reading this post.  I am still laughing after reading it ten minutes ago!

How’s your morning going? Are you enjoying the quiet? Maybe sighing after your first sip of coffee. How’s mine going, you ask? You are so kind to inquire. Well, let’s just say that before I could enjoy the quiet, sip my cup of golden liquid, and contemplate what I wanted to write in my blog, […]

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Friday happy dance — bluebird of bitterness


This brought back such good memories.  My sister, Bobbie — who was eight years older than me– taught me to love old black and white movies.  From Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodger films to Katherine Hepburn and wonderful Jimmy Stewart movies, she’d watch with me on her little black and white television in her bedroom.  They work a magic upon me.  My constant anxiety abates and I feel cheerful and hopeful.  But, it is not all due to the films themselves.  It was, in large part, to spending time with my loving sister.  She was one of the few good things in an otherwise abused existence. In her corner of the world, she would create a safe, nurturing haven from the world.  She has passed on from a life that took a downward turn unfortunately when alcoholism took over her life.  Sometimes, I think that she couldn’t handle it when she found out that life can be messy and many things cannot be controlled and  so the romance and beauty in movies can’t be recreated in real life many times.  I guess you could simply say that she had unrealistic expectations.  But, I was incredibly lucky and blessed to have decades where her sunny nature cast bright, warming light on my life.  A toast to my sister — who made a difference in the world.



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