COVID 15 — Patricia J Grace


Like a duck out of water, early trauma made me feel different from everyone, a searing differentness that was real. Trauma unprocessed is broken glass. No amount of glue makes it like it once was. When others ate out of hunger, my hunger was of the soul, searching for love never finding any… especially inside […]

COVID 15 — Patricia J Grace

One thought on “COVID 15 — Patricia J Grace

  1. ….at age 8 I underwent weekly sexual abuse in the back upstairs rooms of my father’s Baptist Church by the teenage son of one of the Deacons. It went on for 3 years. He later was found murdered in a city park late at night. A failed marriage, truncated career, multiple therapies, and finally coming out of the closet at 47 was the result. As you so courageously recount in your blog, it is difficult to separate the actual abuse from decades of having to endure a social climate where we swallowed our truth and tried to forget it ever happened. I’m so thankful it is no longer so stigmatized and covered-up. I’m also thankful to therapists for helping me transition to where I am most comfortable as a person.


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