Dread upon Waking


I have borrowed this quote from Grace to Survive’s recent post.  For as long as I can remember,  many mornings are difficult for me.  So often, I awake feeling bloody awful.  Sometimes, I can recall the bad dream that has brought me low; other times, I awake perplexed as to why I feel the weight of the world upon me.  Mornings are often a time where  I recover from my time asleep and dreaming.  Sipping my coffee, browsing through WordPress or Facebook.  Trying to shake bad feelings from bad dreams.  I am sure other people go through this.  This is just the first time that I saw it in print.  Thought it might help others out there to make sense of their difficult mornings.

One thought on “Dread upon Waking

  1. It helps me to remember why things sometimes feel so hard and have some explanation for it. Mornings used to my very best time of the day as it’s when I have the most energy. Perhaps it is that more peace has entered my life that my dream world feels safe to keep figuring things out, which includes traumas tucked away too severe to remember. Whatever the reason, I get it, I relate. We can figuratively sit together sipping that wonderful brew and know we are not alone… but I am sorry you have to go through all that….

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