Therapy Bits

I’m sitting here thinking. Why? Why do I feel so depressed? Why did I become mentally ill? What can I do to change things? Why me?

I shouldn’t question it so much, I mean, if life hadn’t happened to me, if my life hadn’t been so traumatic, maybe I wouldn’t have mental illness, maybe I wouldn’t have gotten did, or be depressed, or have anxiety, or ptsd.

Who knows what I would have been if my life had been different!

Its a hard pill to swallow!

Tonight I am just having a little bit of a wo is me type of night! I cant sleep. I have tossed and turned all night long.

I need to let it go! But man that’s hard!

I am what I am and no amount of questioning it is going to change me!

Time for me to go make a coffee and then go…

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