4 thoughts on “I’ve Been Diagnosed With Sensory Over Responsivity

  1. Thanks! My boyfriend is actually very similar to your partner. I would describe him as steady. He is also mild-mannered but he does tend to try to interfere by fixing. We are working on that. And in terms of counseling right now I’m not doing it at all, which I think is good because I’m just getting back onto my feet after being given all of these new diagnoses and starting new medications. I started taking Clonidine for ADHD and sensory issues and my meltdowns are markedly decreased.

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  2. ….it would seem that your counsellor/therapist’s questions are useful and good ones, yet for anyone experiencing depression, difficult to answer in any detail except with ‘I don’t know’. My sexual abuse was weekly over a three year period when I was about 9 or so. It resulted in maybe five different therapists, a divorce, and finally coming out of the closet. My partner and I have now been together 15 years. His mild-mannered, non-interfering personality is all the therapy I need, or perhaps ever needed. But I do take medications for good sleep. My hope and prayer is that you get the best combination of understanding and calm support, along with setting yourself low bars for getting through your days and nights. Survivors need good pillows and lots of comfort (and tea and toast any time of day or night).

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    • Thank you so much for sharing. So glad that your life turned around in a good way! I also like the idea of the need for comforting activities for survivors of abuse. I have heard this before, but it felt better coming from someone who has been there. I was sexually abused also. One of my abusers was my father. In my imagination, there is a hill that I am trying to get over but when I get to the top, I slide back down. I try to imagine that the hill is not steep, and that I do not slide all the way back down. Anyway, I will think of you when I concentrate on comforting myself today.

      Oh, and I didn’t write this post, but reposted it because I identified with it so much and thought others would too. Please go to the original post to contact the original writer.


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