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I wrote a lengthy response to Regaining my sparkle in the hopes that she would find my experience and thoughts helpful. I think it would be helpful to other people at this stage in their therapy, so I have posted it on my blog. I find I am reluctant to share myself directly in a post, but am transparent and honest when I comment on someone else’s post in an effort to reach out and help.

Good People Doing Good Things — Mr. Rogers


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Once again, I take a short detour from my normal ‘good people’ post to honour someone who died 16 years ago today, but throughout his life was most definitely a shining example of a ‘good people’.

Mr. Rogers-header-3I’m fairly certain that I don’t need to introduce Mr. Rogers to those of you in the U.S., who have almost certainly seen Mr. Rogers on his children’s television show, Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.  I find no evidence that it was aired across the pond, however, so Mr. Rogers may not be familiar to our European friends.

Now, just being the host of a kids’ television show doesn’t automatically qualify one as a good person, but Fred Rogers went well beyond the call to entertain children, but also gave them something more, a sense of self-worth as well as a sense of security.

Mr. Rogers-header-2During the 33-year tenure of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, he tackled a wide…

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Time Loss, Black Outs, and Co-Consciousness In Dissociative Identity Disorder — Fighting for a Future


Source: DID Research Time loss is defined as a period of time that one or more alters cannot account for due to another alter having been active in the body or mind in their place. Time loss can span from a few seconds to a few years but may not be complete. For example, if…

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conclusion to ….. DIY bookmarks — weisserwatercolours


IT IS HEARTENING to read the comments lavished on me for this little project, and to see no one asking me ‘why bookmarks when we have Kindle Readers?’ heh heh….I do own one. And I do have a Google Reader app loaded onto my cell phone. And yes, I do occasionally (like at the dentist’s) […]

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DIY bookmarks — weisserwatercolours


When I was 17, my mother bought me art lessons at The Manchester Art Center, Manchester, Vermont the Summer between high school and college, 1965. Those classes proved to be very memorable. My teacher was a watercolourist I deemed to be old, who was probably a good several years younger than I am now…heh heh. […]

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