Dear K


Dancing in the Rain

Sometimes therapy still feels really confusing. Sometimes I wish there was just simple transference going on, instead of all these different relationships because I have so many parts. You have a relationship with all of the alters – even the ones you’ve never met have silently watched you, and your relationship with adult me and other parts filters down to them. And as you pointed out yesterday, there are multiple relationships going on inside of me as well. The parts are watching me, modelling me, and they learn from our relationship – you and I – and how I am in the world too. It is hugely confusing sometimes. And other times it just is now, and trying to make sense of it all is not something I feel the need to do. Sometimes now therapy just unfolds the way it needs to, but today I feel stuck somewhere horribly…

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Ways to Persevere When Depression Persists — Fighting for a Future


By Therese J. Borchard Although I like to cling to the promise that my depression will get better — since it always has in the past — there are long, painful periods when it seems as though I’m going to have to live with these symptoms forever. In the past, there was a time when I had been…

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Sulaiman Hafeez

There is a trail of crumbs scattered out untidily in my room,
Left overnight, I was too lazy to sweep them right away with my broom,
The traces of sugar are disappearing slowly,
A colony of ants are hard at work,
Each one of them carrying a grain heavier than their size,
They’re all toiling away so sincerely,
All of them except one,
She is a bit further away from the rest and immediately catches my eye.

She’s scurrying away leisurely,
Not bothering herself with helping out her clan,
Intrigued, I keep following her with my eyes,
Another ant appears in sight,
She walked as fast to him as her tiny legs could carry her,
Seeing you pick up the pace after seeing him,
I can’t help but think,
Is that your boyfriend?
While the rest of the ants are hard at work,
These two are seemingly on a date…

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We Cannot Ignore Wealth And Class When We Talk About Mental Illness — Fighting for a Future


By Chloë Maughan People get defensive when you talk about class or wealth and mental illness. I learned this earlier this week when I found myself embroiled in a Twitter debate over “the class issue.” I did something unusual for me, and replied to a tweet stating that being middle class doesn’t lessen depression. I…

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