♪ Yesterday ♪


Just an earnest, young, sweet voice singing about Yesterday.

Filosofa's Word

Okay, so yes, this is a rather melancholy song, but every now and then we all have those melancholy moments, right?  The song itself is not necessarily among my favourite of the Beatles repertoire, but there’s just something about it.

According to Songfacts

This is the most covered pop song of all time, with over 3,000 versions Say WHAT??? recorded according to The Guinness Book Of World Records. For years, it was also the song with the most radio plays, but in 1999 BMI music publishing reported that You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ had passed it. Still, at any given time, some version of “Yesterday” is probably being broadcast somewhere.

Paul McCartney wrote this song and was the only Beatle to play on it. It was the first time a Beatle recorded without the others.

McCartney claimed that while The Beatles were touring in Paris, he tumbled out…

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