One Year After Charlottesville …


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One year ago today the nation watched … some in horror, some in glee … as the “Unite the Right” rally took place in Charlottesville, Virginia.  One year ago today … an event that took the life of a young paralegal, Heather Heyer, and left the nation reeling, finally understanding that we have not even begun to conquer racism.  One year ago today, the events of the day would ultimately lead us to realize beyond a shadow of a doubt that the president is a white supremacist, that he is a bigot and a racist.CharlottesvilleToday, there is the potential for a repeat performance, this time in the nation’s capital, only because the city of Charlottesville denied a permit to Jason Kessler, the organizer of last year’s horrible event, for a repeat performance.  It was only three days ago that the National Park approved a permit for up to 400…

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Rufus – A short story — REBECCA PURSELL


The sun rose, birds awakened, and the morning dew spread its fresh aroma over the spring green grass. Rufus opened his eyes slowly, wanted so very much to fall back asleep regardless of his uncomfortable bed. The family of Wren’s who lived in the Ash tree had allowed Rufus to sleep in the tree granted […]

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Saturday Surprise — Birds, Birds, Birds


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Hey friends!!!  It’s finally the weekend and I bet you all have some really fun things planned, yes?  Me?  Oh, who knows … I just rather go along with whatever the girls decide on for the most part … as long as it includes a meal and a trip to either the library or the bookstore, I’m happy.

I get daily emails from a site called, and each day is something new, fun and different.  I usually give them a quick scan, then delete, but sometimes one warrants a closer look.  This particular one definitely deserved a closer look, and I thought it would be perfect to share with you for our Saturday Surprise!  Now, I admit I felt a bit cheated, for there were supposed to be 10 … the subject line of the email read “The 10 Most Adorable Birds You’ve Ever Seen”, but when I…

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♫ I Feel The Earth Move ♫


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Written and recorded by pop singer-songwriter Carole King, I Feel the Earth Move, along with its flip-side, It’s Too Late became among the biggest mainstream pop hits of 1971.  Yesterday, I was having a conversation with a friend, and this song happened to come up in the convo … it then managed to embed itself in my head, so I am sharing it with you in hopes that it will hop from my head to yours!  This is my favourite version of the song, for James Taylor on guitar adds a certain energy to the song that the version on King’s album Tapestry just doesn’t seem to have.  Or maybe it’s just the fact that I drool over James Taylor!

I Feel the Earth Move
James Taylor, Carole King

I feel the earth move under my feet
I feel the sky tumbling down
I feel my heart start to trembling

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Good Night, and Good Luck (2005)


An important film, especially during these times when the President of the United States insists that journalists are lying when they report facts.

Twenty Four Frames

good-night-and-good-luck-part-1“No government ought to be without censors; and where the press is free, no one ever will. If virtuous, it need not fear the fair operation of attack and defense. Nature has given to man no other means of sifting out the truth, either in religion, law, or politics.”  – The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Volume 24: 1 June-31 December 1792.

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Child Sexual Abuse: the Neglected Little Sister of the #MeToo Movement


The Second Wound

I was enormously gratified last year to watch as the #MeToo movement erupted with a sudden and powerful force, to see sexual harassment and assault survivors courageously tell their truths as the world finally paid proper attention. I cheered the brave women and men who came forward, risking more of the judgment, doubt, and scorn they had likely already experienced. I felt hugely gratified to witness perpetrators of abuse finally being called out and made to answer for their crimes. Most of all, I cried tears of joy to know that – at last – our society is shining a ray of light on the dark, hidden, shame-filled world of sexual victimization, for illumination is the only sure path to the prevention of sexual abuse, as well as justice for victims and accountability for perpetrators.

I, too am a survivor, not of assault or harassment but of child sexual abuse…

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