Image result for bing - pictures of the sun breaking through clouds

Remember! Remember!  Skies of azure blue with wispy trails of clouds

on days so dark and dreary that feel as if they portend a future forever without the sun.

Remember!  Remember!  a smile that was just for you because you were you

on days you feel alone and unwanted and cannot remember being loved.

Remember!  Remember!  the afternoon you danced with joy to music sublime

on days where just leaving your bed seems a herculean task.

Remember!  Remember!  that other soul you lifted up who was deep down in a pit

on days you cannot see why you   were even born or continue to live.

Remember! Remember!  That day you stood up tall and felt your powers fill your soul

on days where  burdens and heartache leave you hunched, bent over and you fall.

Remember, oh remember, to not chastise your soul on days it’s wearied and so raw,

instead comfort it somehow as you would a child’s tender heart and remember to

remember better days.


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