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Originally posted on Art of Quotation: “That is part of the beauty of all literature. You discover that your longings are universal longings, that you’re not lonely and isolated from anyone. You belong.” ? F. Scott Fitzgerald, writer, from a letter to Hollywood journalist Sheilah Graham

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Some Rumi from Patricia J Grace



in the Adirondacks The morning ruckus of birds wakes me with no hope of returning to sleep. Letting the meowing cat up from the basement after adding a lump of cat food to her dish, the coffee beans are ground with the scent going to my core. As it drips slowly through the filter, my […]

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Understanding and healing the Scapegoat within


Emerging From The Dark Night


The family scapegoat receives the shadow projections of the family. They are the one that carries and tries to express qualities, needs, reactions and expressions which may not have had a chance or live in the family.  Often if we review the family history we will be able to see a pattern or something the scapegoat is trying to live for the family that could not be expressed, or struggled to be expressed over generations.

There is also collective element to the scapegoat which means certain qualities in any particular culture are accepted and are seen as valuable to express where as others may be demonised. Religious beliefs create the scapegoat by dictating what is “holy” and what is “demonic” and so create splits. The pervasive spread of the Catholic zeitgeist, for example, reveres qualities of self sacrifice, meekness, chastity and in many ways a repression of essential elements of…

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Poetry by Therapy Bits



This captures so perfectly the extra burden of mental illness – acting healthy for others.

Therapy Bits

my chest is tight
i pray
with all of my might
for relief
relief from this neverending pain
im going insane
trapped, feeling sad
and wondering
is it wrong
bad even
to always feel this way
or will there ever
come a day
where i dont feel it
time to slap on
that happy face
smile and be normal
whatever that is
and go out to the kitchen
to eat breakfast


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