Shallow Souls


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I was leaving a comment on a blog post from Bethany at “Not My Secret…” (I always come away richer from taking the time to read her posts that share her life and her inner and outer world) and I found myself expressing thoughts and feelings that I didn’t even know I had.  That is why I love writing.  It is a land rich in discovery. And. also reading where one is stirred by another soul’s inner world.  Anyway, I thought that what I had written was worth sharing in a post of my own.

All too often, people who we thought were true friends disappear at the time of our greatest need.  They leave, leaving us feeling forsaken and betrayed.  This is all too common when you are a person who knows how to be a good friend. People gravitate to you because you listen and you care.  This is a dwindling phenomenom as more and more souls become self-centered.  Caring men and women are at a premium.  It hurts to find supposed friends disappearing when our needs become acute.  We wonder, were all those years of friendship a waste of time? We become bitterly disappointed to find that the loyalty that we thought was reciprocal was only one-sided.  But, it wasn’t a waste, for we were improved by feeling affection and devotion to another person.  We were improved by loving, by caring.  Those that walk away rather than helping a friend going through a tough time will never feel their spirit ennobled from standing passionately with another soul and fighting the darkness alongside them.  It hurts when shallower souls walk away.  But, they are to be pitied because they will never know the richness, perhaps glory, of truly loving another human being.

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