What Is Derealisation?


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What is Derealisation?

Derealisation – also known as ‘feeling detached from self and surroundings’ – occurs in almost everyone who experiences excessive anxiety and panic disorder. Derealisation occurs when our reality and surroundings feel and appear distorted and we become highly aware that we feel ‘different’ from our usual selves. Similar to derealisation is the symptom of depersonalisation. This is when the focus is mainly on the self and it feels like the person who is experiencing it is ‘observing’ themselves. People with the symptoms of derealisation and depersonalisation can often relate to these statements:

The Symptoms of Derealisation (as thoughts):

  • I know the room I am in, but I don’t feel like I’m here
  • I am stood here but it feels like I’m floating
  • Everything doesn’t seem as it is
  • I can hear myself talk, but it isn’t me who is talking
  • I feel like I’m living in the…

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