Grooming Techniques and Child Abuse


This post may be triggering to survivors of sexual abuse, however it is not really graphic. Beautifully written, capturing how a victimized child maintains her gift for appreciating goodness and beauty.

Fighting for a Future

joseph-gonzalez-273526-unsplash“Grooming” (also known as “entrapment,” “engagement,” “subjection,” etc.) is the seduction stage which can precede incidences of child sexual abuse. The sexual victimology of youth, Charles. During this stage, child molesters may use various techniques which function to gain access to the child, increase the child’s compliance with the sexual abuse and also decrease the likelihood of the child disclosing the abuse to anyone. Child abusers may also use threats during the grooming process and subsequently during the abuse to keep the child compliant as well as prevent the child from disclosing

The world of a four  year old is a magical place. It is a place of play, imagination, discovery and learning. A sense of self is awakened, separate from others and at last the feeling of being happy, sad, afraid or angry is known. The tiniest detail of their your day is retained and regurgitated. Your world is…

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