Little One


I have borrowed this photo from a super blog named Grace to Survive.  It spoke to me.  The child within me, whom I call “Little One”, has benefitted greatly from self-forgiveness.  Most of the time there is truly nothing that needs forgiving.  The abuse was not her fault at all.  She was blamed by her abusers.  But, she feels stupid for having trusted them.   I spend time reeducating her that there is nothing wrong with being young and vulnerable.  And that I do not blame her.  It has taken years and seeing acceptance and love in our therapist’s eyes to get her to stop blaming herself for being naive.  And to feel that she is good and deserving of love.  Also, that being young is not a bad thing.  So, we continue what has been a long, arduous journey to find pleasure in being alive.  To feel good when we touch fragrant flowers,  hear the chatter and song of birds that quickens our soul, or feel the touch of soft rain on our cheeks where once there were only tears.  This is when she teaches me that, perhaps, feelings can be a good thing.  And so, I grow younger as I embrace her sweet spirit and learn how life was meant to be lived.

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