Emerging From The Dark Night

Alone with gulls.jpg

Alone is the place I trust most

The place of inward turning where I find myself

And in this silence today

I can hear the inner voice of love

Speaking to me

When the critic’s voice recedes

Leaving me alone in an ocean

That does not drown

But fills my being so full of this benevolent presence

I do not trust the world of humans

And that is sad

For not everyone will defeat me

But after those times where I have felt stomped all over

By someone’s hobnail boots

As they retreat oblivious

It is to this inky silence and softness of the deep within

That I retreat

Which offers me comfort and an open ear

A way to dialogue with despair

And find freedom

Being alone

Makes no demands

Just as nature has no agenda

But to witness and be witnessed

In the depth of that comforting aloneness

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