Peace, and maybe Hope


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A little bit of snow has fallen upon the trees and ground in my little corner of the world.  And, with it, peace and gratitude upon my heart.  How seldom I entertain peace, it cannot be manufactured or brought about through willpower, but will come in it’s own good time.  But gratitude I can practice every day and I do.  Choosing to see my blessings past and present is good food for the soul.  But, today I am visited by peace and another feeling that I believe is hope.  Hope that I can be a better person and use my time more wisely this new year.  Hope that there is a God who can help me achieve this.  Hope that the new year will bring blessings and that I will be a blessing to other souls upon this earth.  May your new year be full of peace, gratitude and hope with a dash of joy.