Brave are my Sisters and Brothers


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via Daily Prompt: Brave

Brave are my sisters and brothers who have endured sexual abuse in their childhood and rise each morning determined to live their best life.  Brave are we who suffered at the hands of those who were supposed to love us and protect us.  Brave are those whose trust was abused and used against them.  Brave are those that struggle to not merely survive but thrive.  Brave are those that speak the truth and dispel the ignorance surrounding childhood sexual abuse.  Remember you are brave when the bad days seem to outnumber the good ones.  Remember you are brave when you love despite the greatest of odds.  May today be one where your spirit flies in the face of all that burdens you, haunts you, and nearly destroyed you.  And if today is a difficult day,  where hope seems far away, be gentle with yourself and remember that a better day is on its way.  And always remember. you are brave.

6 thoughts on “Brave are my Sisters and Brothers

  1. Mark Kent

    i get your blog.happy new year. i was very sexually abused. i am disabled .have m.e. bladder and bowel problems because
    i was abused,people do not see the everyday story is in a AUTHORS BOOK,i do a blog
    long list health issues like asperger syndrome


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