Kitten Agenda


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Kitten Agenda

Skittering upward,
Climbing my cape,
An agile kitten
Makes her escape.
Prancing the hallway,
Evading my grasp,
Rattling the padlock to
Swing on its hasp.

Scampering everywhere,
Chasing small bugs.
Acrobat tunneling,
Mounding the rugs.
Purring rapscallion
Explores with no map.
Rests at her day’s end
Secure in my lap.

The prompt today is scamper.

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3 thoughts on “Kitten Agenda

  1. Thanks for reblogging. If anyone is in need of a kitten, someone left four of these lovelies on my doorstep 1 1/2 weeks ago. For videos and more photos, see my blog. Looking brings no obligation. Must admit I’m getting pretty attached. This one is Frannie.


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