Moving — Again!


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This could be a photo of the new neighbors watching me arrive!  They do look curious, don’t they?  I’ll be moving in about two weeks.  Most of my worldly possessions are packed and labeled.  I, again, am struck by all the stuff I have.  And, all the stuff I once had. (I have thinned the herd each time I moved.)  Many of my belongings fall into the normal range on a continuum of what a human accrues over a lifetime.  But, then there are the hundreds of video tapes of my son growing up (I am converting them to DVDs) and eight huge boxes of photo albums which mostly contain innumerable photos of said son.  This is not normal.  My son wants to buy a scanner and scan them.  This sounds very mysterious to me and I wonder if I can trust the technology to preserve him properly for posterity.  Nevertheless, scanning these is something that will take place in the future.  Right now, I must find a place for these treasures in my new home.  But, guess what?  My new bedroom has one wall that is all storage!  A place to store my abnormally huge collection of memorabilia.  Does anyone else out there in the blogosphere  suffer from memorabilia hoarding?  I forgot to mention the collection of papers and drawings from school that I saved to make scrap albums out of.  And the underwear.  Yes, you read that right.  I cut patches out of my son’s favorite underwear (one had dragons, the other dinosaurs) and saved this for the future scrapbook.  As I look at these patches, it occurs to me that something may not be quite right with me.  Rather than worry myself, I will just chalk it up to being a tad eccentric.  And, that’s “in” now-a-days — isn’t it?   By this point, you may have started to worry about my relationship with my son.  But, fear not, all is well.  I have been living with him for nearly a year  while I got my life together after my second husband died.  But, I am moving out now, grateful for the help, and happy to give him back his life.   And just in case you are wondering, he knows about the underwear and loves me anyway — LOL.

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