Today, I am not okay.


NOT MY SECRET...My story...My truth

I cannot express the depth of my sorrow

except in poetry

which is the only way I can get to those parts of me

that no one can see

but that hover,



I can see the light through the shadows

I just can’t reach it.

The weight of my own mind overpowers me.

It isn’t the past.

It is the right here and right now.

I just can’t bear.




If I am brutally honest

I feel

utterly alone.

So I can’t end this on a positive note.

A sum up with a message of power.

I admit

I am not okay today.

A crack runs through the base of my tower..

Pieces of me,

Will cover you in a shower.

A rainfall

of the brokenness

of me.

For the shadows

are too dark,

And the light

I cannot reach.

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