Do It!


This quote struck me.  I certainly dream.  I create a bit but don’t achieve a final finished product to share with others.  I start and stop, begin again — writing a book about my extraordinary life.  Extraordinary because I survived extreme sexual abuse with  my marbles in tack.  Well, most of them.   And that last step, — inspire.  I have been inspired by other’s stories;  could I inspire someone else to persevere?  To keep chugging along, when hope seems a distant memory?  Oh, how I’d love that.  Perhaps, the wish to inspire some other soul will inspire me?  But can I inspire in small ways too?  What can you do that would inspire another?  We all have gifts.  Sometimes a friendly face, a kind smile can inspire someone to take a fresh look at a previously dismal day.  I know I have been on the receiving end of that and it has made a difference when the world seemed cold.  And I have given such smiles and felt I bestowed some good will in the world.  A basic dream to make the world a better place is a good dream too.  We may find that small acts count as much as the big ones to some fellow sojourner on this planet.

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