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Lucky Otters Haven

Sharing with permission. From an Environmental Protection Agency staffer.
“So I work at the EPA and yeah it’s as bad as you are hearing: The entire agency is under lockdown, the website, facebook, twitter, you name it is static and can’t be updated. All reports, findings, permits and studies are frozen and not to be released. No presentations or meetings with outside groups are to be scheduled.
Any Press contacting us are to be directed to the Press Office which is also silenced and will give no response.
All grants and contracts are frozen from the contractors working on Superfund sites to grad school students working on their thesis.
We are still doing our work, writing reports, doing cancer modeling for pesticides hoping that this is temporary and we will be able to serve the public soon. But many of us are worried about an ideologically-fueled purging…

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Pointing finger


Bite-size Dhamma

There is an old Chan and Zen story that goes like this:

The Zen teacher’s dog loved his evening romp with his master. The dog would bound ahead to fetch a stick, then run back, wag his tail, and wait for the next game. On this particular evening, the teacher invited one of his brightest students to join him – a boy so intelligent that he became troubled by the contradictions in Buddhist doctrine.

“You must understand,” said the teacher, “that words are only guideposts. Never let the words or symbols get in the way of truth. Here, I’ll show you.”

With that the teacher called his happy dog.

“Fetch me the moon,” he said to his dog and pointed to the full moon.

“Where is my dog looking?” asked the teacher of the bright pupil.

“He’s looking at your finger.”

“Exactly. Don’t be like my dog. Don’t confuse the…

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Recovery has started


This is a blog by a very courageous man who inspires me. He is battling cancer and shares his struggle with honesty. I think you will be inspired by him too.


3 days ago, I had surgery – 3 days ago, I had a Radical Cystectomy – 3 days ago, I had parts removed from my body.

Per –

Radical cystectomy is the removal of the entire bladder, nearby lymph nodes (lymphadenectomy), part of the urethra, and nearby organs that may contain cancer cells. In men, the prostate, the seminal vesicles, and part of the vas deferens are also removed.

I am not a good patient and I hate hospitals; I am doing my best and the recovery has started.

As I spend time in the hospital I remind myself the pain will pass and although I am missing parts, I am still me.

Life today may not be wonderful and full of rainbows, but it will be again soon.

This song by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole is a favorite of mine, it warms my heart and brings a smile to me.

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Do It!


This quote struck me.  I certainly dream.  I create a bit but don’t achieve a final finished product to share with others.  I start and stop, begin again — writing a book about my extraordinary life.  Extraordinary because I survived extreme sexual abuse with  my marbles in tack.  Well, most of them.   And that last step, — inspire.  I have been inspired by other’s stories;  could I inspire someone else to persevere?  To keep chugging along, when hope seems a distant memory?  Oh, how I’d love that.  Perhaps, the wish to inspire some other soul will inspire me?  But can I inspire in small ways too?  What can you do that would inspire another?  We all have gifts.  Sometimes a friendly face, a kind smile can inspire someone to take a fresh look at a previously dismal day.  I know I have been on the receiving end of that and it has made a difference when the world seemed cold.  And I have given such smiles and felt I bestowed some good will in the world.  A basic dream to make the world a better place is a good dream too.  We may find that small acts count as much as the big ones to some fellow sojourner on this planet.

Ramblings of the Claury


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