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Purrsday Poetry: The Christmas Tree by Bernie Colley


I have birds as pets at the moment (1 parakeet and my deceased sister’s cockatiel) but am missing having a kitty. So bear with me as I revel in these kitties…

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Hi everyone,

Please find below the latest entry in Purrsday Poetry by Bernie Colley.

The Christmas Tree

The kittens gathered round to see
the Christmas tree arrive
they wondered what this thing could be
as it was carried up the drive

Once inside a pot was found
and filled with earth and sand
the tree was placed like in the ground
and left alone to stand

The kittens went to investigate
and sniffed and sneezed away
until the time to decorate
was once more under way

Tinsel wrapped around the tree
and balls of glittering light
fairy lights that they could see
were a fascinating sight

cat in tree

The mother cat warned them away
and said do not go near
or Santa will not come your way
her warning was quite clear

The kittens swore they would be good
as Christmas eve drew near
they curled up where the big clock…

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Today in History: Dec. 23


Some funny and lovely piano performances by Victor Borge from the super blog “The Gad About Town”.

The Gad About Town

No one grumbles among the oyster clans,
And lobsters play their bone guitars all summer.
Only we, with our opposable thumbs, want
Heaven to be, and God to come, again.
There is no end to our grumbling; we want
Comfortable earth and sumptuous Heaven.
But the heron standing on one leg in the bog
Drinks his dark rum all day, and is content.
—Robert Bly, “Wanting Sumptuous Heavens

Robert Bly is 90 today.

A film, Robert Bly: A Thousand Years of Joy, was released in 2015 and is appearing on PBS stations:

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