Goodbye to Class; Hello to Crass


Image result for photos of Michelle and obama

It may not be the most important virtue in a president and the first Lady, but it was lovely to see for the past eight years.  That was class. Michele and Barack had it.  They were classy together and apart.  Oh, I am going to miss them.

Let’s just take a moment to relish what we had and be glad for it.  We will need these good memories to cope with the days ahead.




3 thoughts on “Goodbye to Class; Hello to Crass

  1. From here in the United Kingdom: that’s exactly what my husband and I said. There was what I would call an understated elegance about the Obamas that I loved. But the times have changed and I do wonder if I’m too old for the gold lifts, skyscrapers and razzmatazz-bling-bling type world leadership!

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