Documentary on Floyd Norman, 1st Black Animator at Disney, Now on Netflix — GOOD BLACK NEWS


article via After a theatrical run in USA theaters that kicked off in late August, the documentary “Floyd Norman – An Animated Life” – an intimate journey through the celebrated life and career of the legendary animator Floyd Norman, the first African American animator at Disney – is now streaming on Netflix. Directed by Michael Fiore […]

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A True Hero



Dear Furiends,1411717342068_wps_5_alaa_an_ambulance_driver_

Alaa is a true hero. But most do not know his name, they simply call him ‘The Catman of Aleppo’.

Aleppo is in Syria and used to look like this:th

Beautiful, wasn’t it?

Unfortunately, humans, who refuse to compromise and insist on domination have done this:

We shall never understand the human capacity for destruction. For obvious reasons, most humans have fled the city. But Alaa stayed. Not only has he stayed, but he is taking care of the abandoned cats.

So, my furiends, this proves that some humans are good and we thought you would like to meet Alaa, a true hero.

Purseidon >^.^<  &  Mr. M  =^.^=

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Goodbye to Class; Hello to Crass


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It may not be the most important virtue in a president and the first Lady, but it was lovely to see for the past eight years.  That was class. Michele and Barack had it.  They were classy together and apart.  Oh, I am going to miss them.

Let’s just take a moment to relish what we had and be glad for it.  We will need these good memories to cope with the days ahead.






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The sun came up this morning; the world is still spinning on it’s axis and yet so much has changed.  Donald Trump won the presidency.  I am in shock.  But just like the different stages of grief, I am in a numb stage of shock.  Shawna Ayoub Ainslie, from the blog The Honeyed Quill, wrote that she felt she had slipped into some alternate reality.  I feel much the same.  Is it really true?  While I liked Hillary Clinton, I wasn’t thrilled at the thought of having to look at Bill Clinton at her side.  I have never forgot nor forgiven him for his sexual escapades in the Oval Office.  And always felt that Hillary should have kicked his ass to the curb and was more than a little disappointed and angry with her for staying the course with him. I feel a little ill whenever I see him.  But now, I’ll have to look at Donald Trump for four years and that is  so much worse.  I was so looking forward to America kicking HIS ass to the curb!  Michael Moore predicted he would win and how he would win  but I couldn’t fathom this happening.  I did have a plan in place just in case Trump won.  I would avoid watching news programs and bury my head in the sand for 4 years. But, I have become a news junkie this past decade of my life.  Can I really cut myself off?  And should I?  I guess I must deal with reality.  It will certainly be an interesting four years.  The curse “May you live in interesting times” springs to mind.  Let’s hope it is merely interesting and not disastrous.