A New Black Cat Wives’ Tale


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In this part of the world, there are too many bad luck superstitions associated with black cats. This is why black cats can have a difficult time getting adopted.  To combat this I am starting a new wives’ tale (versus an old wives’ tale):

“It is good luck to be loved by a black cat.”

My first cat was named Clementine. As she cried piteously on the way home from the shelter, I started to sing to try and calm her.  For some reason, I started to sing the old song “Oh My Darling Clementine” and thus her name. She was white with black and tan patches.  Cat kisses were her specialty.  I loved her deeply and was overcome with grief after I had to have her put to sleep when her cancer came back with a vengeance.  I would cry every day.  Even after two weeks, I showed no signs of stopping; I was inconsolable.  Then, one day I thought that perhaps if I gave another cat a good home,  it might distract me and help.  So off my son (four years old) and I went to the shelter.  There were many cats for adoption.  They peered out at us desperately from their cages.  Some cried “meow” at us. Paul kept looking at a straggly black cat with lusterless fur and some dandruff.  She didn’t appeal to me and I tried redirecting him to other cats that were healthier looking.  But, he was not to be deterred.  “Mommy, I want this cat” he finally said.  What was I to do?  I had promised that he could pick out the cat so I asked to be allowed to see and hold this woebegone kitty.  She didn’t mind being held and petted.  And, she had lovely golden eyes.  So, it was decided that we would add her to our family.

Well, several weeks of constant brushing revealed a beautiful coat and a loving temperament.  Taking care of and opening our home to a homeless cat was just what I needed to start adjusting to the loss of my beloved Clementine.  She was an outdoor cat (my first) and so we would leash her and take her for walks in the back yard garden to get her acquainted with her new neighborhood.

Image result for pictures of black cats and flowers

Image result for pictures of black cats and flowers

My son named her Puffy for her glorious black fur.  She was always ready for petting and kisses from my son Paul.  And from me too.  She was a very loving cat. Although, Clementine could never be replaced, adopting wonderful Puffy had helped ease our sorrowing hearts.

So, back to the point.

“It is good luck to be loved by a black cat”.

So, please consider adopting one of these oh-so-lovely beauties.

Image result for pictures of black cats and flowers

Image result for pictures of black cats and flowers

Pictures from Bing.




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