Русская деревня — Фотограф – Белгород


I saw this lovely photo this morning and it took me back a great number of years to Long Island, New York and the Roslyn Duck Pond.  My sister, who was eight years older than me, would take me there often.  She is a true aware nature lover.  I, on the other hand, forget how much nature soothes and awakens and have to be reminded to step outside and let it work it’s healing powers.  There were all manner of ducks at the pond and I derived a great deal of pleasure watching them swim and cast about for the pieces of crusty bread we threw to them.  Geese visited the pond too and would eagerly and aggressively chase us if we were too slow throwing the bread to them. My sister made a huge difference in my life. She was the sunshine in my dark world.  She showed me things to love, whether it be nature or music (Dan Fogelberg and Classical) or old black and white movies.  She shared herself with me generously.  In her I found safety and affection and love.

Отрывок из интервью Алексея Марковича для американского электронного журнала “Жизнь как искусство”. Главный редактор: Лоанн Лунн. Февраль 2016. Лоанн Лунн: Говоря о своём проекте “Путешествие по России”, ты довольно-таки часто делаешь акцент на сельской части России, а также на русской деревне. Откуда такая любовь к сельским просторам? Алексей Маркович: Я типичный городской житель. Родился в городе Белгороде, […]

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