What to Name my New Little Friend?



I am back in Delaware and needed more company than Reptina, my son’s bearded dragon.  So I got myself a parakeet.  This is not a photo of my actual bird; but, he looks exactly like the yellow one on the right. I was in Petco  and just thought I’d take a peek at the budgies and I became enamored of this lemon drop beauty and could think of nothing else till I went back the next day to purchase him.  He is getting used to sitting on my finger; increasing the amount of time daily that he will stay perched on it.  I take him out of the cage and he flaps around the floor since his wings are clipped and need to grow back.  My conundrum is I am having trouble settling on a name.  I am considering Peeps, Tweety and Birdie.  Previous budgies of mine had monikers such as Reepicheep (named after the noble mouse of Narnia), George and Sweetie.  If you have any ideas please leave them in the comments section.  It will be much appreciated.