Daily Prompt: Fifty


via Daily Prompt: Fifty

I liked turning fifty.  I shared with everyone that I came in contact with that I was now half a century old.  I felt like I had earned some respect.  My lawnmower from Sears had broke and I decided to drive it to the store to be fixed.  While looking for a parking spot, some workers taking a coffee and cigarette break yelled at me for going the wrong way on a one way lane behind the store.  They yelled “one way! one way!”  I yelled back “I am only going one way!”.  I would never have done that at the tender age of 49!  I sound and act more like Robert DeNiro now — “You talkin’ to me?” is my current attitude.  I no longer tolerate nonsense and fools cheerfully as I used to.  So, I recommend turning 50 to everyone!

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