The 7 Secrets to Lifelong Learning


Terrific tips to keep your child learning at home and throughout the summer.

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Valerie Allen and I picture

Our Guest Blogger for April 2016

Dr. Valerie Allen

(Valerie is the one on the left; I’m on the right)

Licensed School Psychologist ~ Rehabilitation Counselor

Learning Is a Good Habit

Learning is an ongoing process. It’s important to find the teachable moment in each experience your child has. This is especially important during school holidays and summer vacation when children are not in a formal classroom environment. Learning does not require special or costly equipment. Teaching does not require special training or vast knowledge. Learning takes place when we encourage and support our children to think about new ideas, try new skills, and explore new relationships. Children can easily be immersed in day to day learning experiences using these suggestions.

1. Seize the Moment: Use routine tasks for continuous learning with your child. Read food labels and expand vocabulary with new words. Math skills can be fostered when you…

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