The 7 Secrets to Lifelong Learning


Terrific tips to keep your child learning at home and throughout the summer.

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Valerie Allen and I picture

Our Guest Blogger for April 2016

Dr. Valerie Allen

(Valerie is the one on the left; I’m on the right)

Licensed School Psychologist ~ Rehabilitation Counselor

Learning Is a Good Habit

Learning is an ongoing process. It’s important to find the teachable moment in each experience your child has. This is especially important during school holidays and summer vacation when children are not in a formal classroom environment. Learning does not require special or costly equipment. Teaching does not require special training or vast knowledge. Learning takes place when we encourage and support our children to think about new ideas, try new skills, and explore new relationships. Children can easily be immersed in day to day learning experiences using these suggestions.

1. Seize the Moment: Use routine tasks for continuous learning with your child. Read food labels and expand vocabulary with new words. Math skills can be fostered when you…

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The Nation Grieves with You


My thoughts keep turning today to the massacre in Florida and the family and friends of those so cruelly murdered.  Their grief is unfathomable.  I just wanted to take some time on my blog to grieve with them.  We, as a nation, are seeing the photos of your loved ones’ faces and letting them imprint on our hearts.

Do You Remember? — like mercury colliding…


Do you remember when you lost your way? For some it was disguised as childplay In cool divisive shades of pink and blue, the lines were drawn according to the rules And differences were judged in stark display. Some fragile hearts were broken in the fray of bitter battles between us and they And lines […]

via Do You Remember? — like mercury colliding…

This poem spoke to me because I feel now like I am on a journey to find my way back to where I lost hope.  Recovering aspects of  my soul, I am feeling more whole — more myself.  It has been dreary living without hope, without dancing, without singing.  I have been like a guitar with old strings that don’t vibrate when you play them.  But, somehow I have gotten new strings lately.  I tentatively  strum them and hear the song of my soul.

PTSD does NOT make someone violent, a criminal, or a murderer ~ Lilly Hope Lucario


Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder does NOT make someone violent, a criminal, or a murderer.

Violent people, commit violent acts.

Criminals, commit crimes.

Murderers, commit murder.

Most people with PTSD are not violent at all and are not criminals and are not potential murderers.

So using PTSD as a scapegoat for murder,

crime and violence, is wrong.

We need to stop this stigma related to PTSD, that it causes people to be violent and want to kill people.

This is not something experienced by most people with PTSD, even severe PTSD. Or Complex PTSD.

PTSD can, however, co-occur with other disorders, personality disorder symptoms and other issues, that may lead to violence, and thoughts of severely harming others. And additional issues like alcohol and drug use may increase violence and aggression – but that is not due to PTSD. Violence and aggression increases in the general population due to drug…

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We With The Pitchforks from Abandoning Pretense


Art by Rob Goldstein

Art by Rob Goldstein Brock Allen Turner

This is an outrageous injustice:

Brock Allen Turner, the former Stanford swimmer who was discovered raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster on campus in January of last year, will be sentenced to six months in county jail and probation. Prosecutors had recommended that Turner receive a sentence of six years, but judge Aaron Persky determined that Turner’s age — 20 — and lack of criminal history warranted him a much shorter sentence. And because jail would have a “severe impact on him.”

New York Mag

What if Brock Allen Turner had been a black woman whose child fell into a gorilla cage?

On Wednesday morning, two cops were seen arriving at the family’s suburban Cincinnati townhouse to pick up the boy’s mother Michelle Gregg, who was taken to a police station for one and a half hours of questioning. Later that day, the entire family loaded…

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