Daydreams Of Shiva


I reblogged this because the poem made me feel something and I love early Elton John.  Hearing this song brought back feelings from my youth of hope and promise and beauty and goodness.  More and more, I have been getting in touch with earlier aspects of myself before I put up impermeable walls of protection.  Dare I let those walls come down?  Or, perhaps, just peek over the tops and remember who I once was?  I wonder if I am still that person deep down inside.  Poetry and literature, music and people affected me in good ways.  I danced in solitary joy and sang from my heart.  Can I journey back and recapture that part of my soul that I left along the wayside when life got too dark and difficult?  I think I can and I think I am.  To be sure, I am taking small steps back.  But, I no longer feel these aspects of myself to be worthless.  Maybe, this is the wisdom of age — to again recognize what is of true value.  So, I climb over the walls and pick up hope and beauty and place them in my backpack.  I will keep them in my future travels through this life.

An Unexpected Muse

 A poem about the eFullSizeRender (3)ternal…

In domestic environs
So sweet but so numb
I think you have sought
A dance with my thoughts
My thoughts that lay deep
In the deepest of sleep.

You came from a void
And not just for naught

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5 thoughts on “Daydreams Of Shiva

  1. I share your situation; recovery is one day, one step,of today. I find if I think too far ahead I create my own anxiety, closing in; smothering. I am trying to find where my “authentic self” is, what I was before I got to where I am. A start for me was a book; Something More- excavating your Authentic self by Sarah Ban-Breathnach. One day @a time.

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    • I read that book years ago and got a lot out of it. I’ll have to give it another read. And its so true how one can create anxiety by thinking too far down the road. Thanks for writing in and sharing your thoughts. 🙂


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