Quotes of Wisdom



During my teenage years I would collect quotes and poems and write them in journals.  Finding words of truth  was a source of great satisfaction to me.  This quote from The Little Prince was a great favorite of mine and has remained so to this day.  Kindness, love, and affection are gifts from others that  I prize above all else and are things I can give in return.  Sometimes they can be seen with the eye or heard with the ear, but the heart sees them in all their glory and secrets them away in a cache to draw upon on a rainy day.  As we grow older and age wears out my body, our spirit becomes even more important. Unseen by many who use only their eyes to see, it is to be treasured more since it is the essential part of me and you.  Today, I am going to practice seeing with my heart.  Seeing others and seeing even myself truly.  And I hold up the prayer that my heart may be kind and loving.


7 thoughts on “Quotes of Wisdom

  1. tamarayancoskymoore

    I have a poem I wrote on my Blog, called, Through The Eyes of a Child. It’s about seeing with the eyes of the heart 🙂 Tamara


  2. Beautiful!
    I did that too as a kid. Collected quotes, pictures that spoke to me and put them in a scrapbook. Later on life, I collected jokes, quotes, and stories of meaning. I never really knew why I did it, perhaps because they told truth about my story. It validated my existence and what I experienced.

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