For Me?


I was sitting at the dining room table yesterday and looking out the window when a Federal Express van pulled up out front.  The delivery man got out of the truck  and went to the back to pulled out a box which I recognized as a flower delivery.  I thought to myself “Oh, what lucky person is going to get those?”.  Then he proceeded to walk up to my door!  What a surprise!  I flew to the door to get the box.  Inside were two dozen beautiful roses of different colors and a box of chocolates with a note wishing me a Happy Mother’s Day from my son.   As I handled each precious rose and snipped the ends all dreariness left the day.  “He loves me in spite of my many faults” I thought with great relief.  I really hadn’t expected this and would have been content with just a card.  I had been getting a bit broody thinking how far away he was on Mother’s Day.  I had been remembering how he always spoiled me on this day when we were together.  He would make my coffee in the morning and breakfast and lunch and dinner.  But, more important, he would give me his time and attention and I would just revel in it. And we would play our favorite card game Quiddler.  Many things in my life have not worked out as I had dreamed.  But having him was all I could have hoped for and more.  I remember leaving the hospital and carrying him in my arms not quite believing something so wonderful was happening to me. I enjoyed every moment spent with him while he grew from an infant to a young man.  Life has been difficult at times,  but he has made the journey worthwhile.  And, so  I sit looking at my  rainbow of roses and eating  chocolates thinking upon this great good in my life.

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