Be Gentle



From before a child is even born, how you feel towards it, speak to it and love it has an impact. As that child grows, each word you say has an affect. To fill your child up with kind, special, swe…

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10 thoughts on “Be Gentle

          • I had four wonderful children with Loser. Now….they have chosen him over me. You always want the love and attention of the parent who never gave it. He’s old now and retired….he has his new WTC (who was instrumental in my children choosing her and Loser.) All they had to do was tell my children that I was “clinically insane.” Poof…they’re gone.

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            • I am so sorry. I have been following your blog, along with many others, and had momentarily forgotten about your loss. That has to be heartbreaking. A friend of mine is going through the same thing. My hope for you is that it will be a temporary thing and that your children will come to their senses… soon.


              • They’ve had years but they haven’t and won’t. Loser and that WTC convinced them that “I deserted them.” That made the path clear for that WTC to swoop in and “be there for my children, since their crazy mom left them.”
                She and Loser are two of a kind.

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                  • The window has closed. I reached out to them three months ago and got absolutely no response. They’re in their late thirties, so it’s not a matter of immaturity. They have chosen the path of least resistance…a Loser father who never paid them any attention but who is now trying to impress that WTC. I hate to say it but I can and did stand for only so much abuse.
                    Now, it’s time for me to literally “wash my hands of them.”


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