The Secret Lives of Red Squirrels


We all have secret lives.  Sometimes dark and brooding and sometimes bright and light.  But, these squirrels seem to be enjoying the latter! I posted this photo of a squirrel some months ago but didn’t know who to attribute it to.  Now I have found out the name of the photographer, Geert Weggen. Please enjoy this post from One Beautiful Thing.


squirre Geert Weggen

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7 thoughts on “The Secret Lives of Red Squirrels

  1. Red Squirrels are quite rare in our area, Southern Ontario. We have one Psycho-Red tiny squirrel who runs the whole area! Talk about animated energizer Squirrel, he hides Walnuts all day long, storing them inside neighborhood garden sheds. He is so studious; it makes me quite tired watching him move!!!!

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