Secret Survivors


This quote helped my self-esteem today.  I usually feel so defective.  Perhaps, I can think of some things that are right with me each day too.  How about you?

Silver Girl

I feel this relates to all types of abuse and neglect..

SG x

“The aftereffects of Post-Incest Syndrome are not ‘problems’ to be ‘overcome’, but coping mechanisms that have negative side-effects. By attaching the concept of ‘disorder’ to these consequences, we damn the incest survivor to weakness instead of attributing to her the strength of spirit, creativity, and endurance that she deserves–that she has earned.”

~ Secret Survivors by E. Sue Blume

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12 thoughts on “Secret Survivors

  1. I try to accentuate the positive, if this means that yesterday I was able to go out for a walk, today is another day. I try not to beat myself up with what I can’t do, and instead focus on what I CAN do today. Forget yesterday, that’s gone. As far as “disorders” go, that’s just a word, just a label. I am not my illness, We are defined by our character, personality, environment, our love for each other. I am not challenged, I am performance enhanced. See; words are just that. w o r d s. Tomorrows another day!!

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  2. I can think of a LOT of things that are right with you. Want a list?
    Generous, kind, insightful, thoughtful, loving, empathetic, a terrific listener, a wonderful friend, a terrific, caring mother, insightful, incredibly hardworking on any challenge given to you, strong even when you feel weak, persistent, knowledgeable, artistic/creative, and you work harder/more willingly than anyone I know on your healing journey.

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