The Secret Lives of Red Squirrels


We all have secret lives.  Sometimes dark and brooding and sometimes bright and light.  But, these squirrels seem to be enjoying the latter! I posted this photo of a squirrel some months ago but didn’t know who to attribute it to.  Now I have found out the name of the photographer, Geert Weggen. Please enjoy this post from One Beautiful Thing.


squirre Geert Weggen

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A Blue Ocean


In the past, my past, music could always make me feel good. This post features Loggins and Messina. I hadn’t heard them for a long time and upon listening I found my heart vibrating with happiness. If you enjoy this song, check out their concert; its super.

An Unexpected Muse

1A05NM0NZKLetters travel across a blue ocean
Ascending toward the zenith   
Fluidity gives meaning between words
A continuous song from the misty sea
In between the meaning is heaven’s gate
Where Andromeda keeps her watch
I hear a blackbird sing upon arrival
A hawk glides overhead, it knows your name
Words have a way of telling more than we know
The ocean doesn’t seem so wide tonight.

For Little Bird


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Onward To the Palace of Wisdom- The Student


As a trauma survivor, I tend to avoid myself like the plague. Feelings are, more often than not, something to flee.   This post helps me to  want to embrace them so I can continue healing.

An Unexpected Muse

63A9ED37CEYour vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looksoutside dreams. Who looks inside, awakens. -Carl Jung

You look inside upon the vastness of the soul and realize how much you don’t know; you are a witness to your own inhibitions and ignorance. The canyon walls are inflected with beauty and ugliness, which in itself draws you

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Secret Survivors


This quote helped my self-esteem today.  I usually feel so defective.  Perhaps, I can think of some things that are right with me each day too.  How about you?

Silver Girl

I feel this relates to all types of abuse and neglect..

SG x

“The aftereffects of Post-Incest Syndrome are not ‘problems’ to be ‘overcome’, but coping mechanisms that have negative side-effects. By attaching the concept of ‘disorder’ to these consequences, we damn the incest survivor to weakness instead of attributing to her the strength of spirit, creativity, and endurance that she deserves–that she has earned.”

~ Secret Survivors by E. Sue Blume

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