Healing Poem


“Healing requires feeling…”



Source: Healing Poem

I’ll Take Autumn


Yesterday I walked the streets of my neighborhood carrying a brown bag.  In it I put every kind of leaf that I could find.  Some were brown oak leaves, some lemony sugar maples, some vibrant red mulberry and many more.  I also found some crisp pine cones and bits of pine branches that recent strong winds had blown to the ground.  I placed these treasures in my bag also.  I had forgotten my camera so I took snapshots with my eyes of the remaining leaves on the trees against the bright, blue sky.  Soon, all the trees would be naked and the days colder.  When the bag was full I headed home.

I climbed the stairs to my sunny den.  The room was warm and inviting.  I dumped my treasures out of the bag onto the carpet.  One by one, I assessed each leaf till I found perfect specimens for my planned activity.  My black cat, Onyx, came into the room and sniffed approvingly at the colorful pile. I placed a sugar maple leaf onto the watercolor paper and began to carefully trace it’s outlines onto it with a pencil.  Then, I studied the leaf and added some veins to the drawing.  And now, for the best part — painting it with watercolors.  I chose bright orange and ruby red paints and let them glide onto the absorbent paper with the brush.  Many more leaves I traced and painted till I was brought out of my reverie by Onyx’s plaintive meow for some attention.  After stroking her shining, black fur I collected the pine cones and pine branch pieces.  I placed them on a china dish that had small sea shells that my son and I had collected during the summer. It made a festive and autumnal centerpiece upon the worn wood table.  I sighed contentedly.  Finally, I had made time for my yearly celebration of Autumn. My foray out into nature had soothed my soul and all seemed good.

Watercolor Picture from Bing

Onyx, the Ebony Cat


I have fallen deeply in love with Onyx, the ebony cat. His soft fur shines and he lights up my world.  My friend, Rose, (who I am staying with while I get my life together) adopted him two months ago and we have become fast friends.  He is three years old and seems wise beyond his years.  We play together, cuddle together; he purrs, I say inane things to him. (I keep my most silly talk to private times when we are alone.)  I call him friend because what else would you call someone who calms, comforts and cares for you?  Okay, perhaps I am guilty of some level of anthropomorphism.  But, I tell you, it is uncanny how he appears at my side when I am starting to slide into the blues.  He’ll hop onto the bed as I sit journaling and start to purr at me and it stops my descent into the pits.

In the morning, as I sip my coffee and read blogs and devotions and try to enter the day with something resembling hope, he hops onto the arm of the chair, reaches for my shoulder, and places his front paws on it.  Then, he bites my head!  I feel so honored and loved and suddenly glad to be alive. And I giggle when they turn into multiple love bites.

Sometimes I bury my nose into his warm fur and just breathe in and out.  It is truly a Zen moment.  I love this beautiful cat and he is safe to love. How often do we love where we shouldn’t and end up hurt or disappointed?

Perhaps I need to get a life!  But, until I do, I am going to hang out with a cat named Onyx.

photos from Bing