Needing Something Cozy?


I am down today and don’t know why.  It was a beautiful autumn day outside.  I kept busy and raked some crisp colorful leaves.

I wrote a letter to my pen pal while sipping a cup of tea.

I practiced some moments of gratitude and counted my blessings.

I read some of my favorite blogs; some were interesting, some were funny, some were uplifting…well they should have been uplifting but I am stubbornly gray in mood today.

I am cooking a nice dinner with fresh potatoes and carrots.  But something remains unsatisfied within me.

So I decided to look at some art of Mary Englebreit.  The child within me felt better after immersing myself in the illustrations and colors.

I am a little less down.  I can even smile…with my remaining teeth. 🙂

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