Its a Looney Tunes Week


I just got home from a really good therapy session.  I have been really blessed to have competent and caring therapists over the past couple of decades.  Decades?  How good can they be if you still need therapy?  Ah, but you don’t know how screwed up I was!  I thought and felt like I was garbage and now I know I am a person of worth.  I felt dirty and low and now I feel clean and can hold my head up. I felt deep shame and now know I did nothing to deserve the abuse I received.  Yes, a few more decades of therapy and I should be as good as new. LOL.  My loved-ones often do not think my therapists are any good because I am not “fixed” yet.  But, I know they have shined a light into the darkest recesses of my heart AND have not looked away or walked away but journeyed with me.  They have listened to my life’s stories that I thought were unspeakable.  And they have witnessed my tears. So, a toast… here’s to all the good therapists!

15 thoughts on “Its a Looney Tunes Week

  1. amen!!! I myself have a wonderful therapist for 8 1/2 years now and I’m blessed for that! i’m glad I found your blog I also write about my healing in my therapy so it’s nice to connect with you … I look forward to reading more of your blog

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  2. So often I hear stories of bad therapist and I have dealt with many in my time. One that actually caused even more trauma. It is really nice to hear a good story about 2 decades of good therapy and how far you have come. Cheers to you all!

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