Imaginary Friend


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Imaginary Friend.”

My imaginary friend refused to grow up. She is still five years old.  She is still trying to have the childhood she never had.  Severely abused, but safe now, she wants a life of bright colors and laughter. Tears of relief are okay too.  Her name is simply Little One.  She plays with her own dolls that are no longer taken from her.  They have tea parties with sugared tea and many smiles. Watercolors, her own watercolors, are taped upon every wall.   These pictures that she has painted of her dolls, stuffed animals and her new Mom adorn the room. I am her Mom and I love Little One with all my heart.  I do my best to try  to make up for her years of sadness and hurt.  She is sad less and less and even dances sometimes.  Can you see her spinning about with her dress twirling as she laughs?

Her imaginary room has a bay window with long, soft curtains that move in the breeze from the open window. Sitting there, Little One basks in the feeling of being safe. Safe to be. Safe to be little.

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Things that make us happy…


Source: Things that make us happy…

I thought this an important post for sufferers of PTSD since bad memories often plague us.  To challenge ourselves to have a cache of good memories and sweet moments too would be healing and helpful. One memory that comes to my mind is a few hours spent at a quiet beach with my adult son sitting on the warm sand  just soaking up the bright sun, listening to the waves pulsing, and collecting small shells.  I am going through tough times right now and feel that my life is just awful.  But my life is not just about now, or the  parts of the past that were terrible. It has included good times too.  Even great times.  That time at the beach was less than a year ago.  I am going to find a pretty tin or handsome box and then write about wonderful times on slips of paper and put them inside. My story is about more than abuse, more than trauma.  I just need some help remembering that.  I hope you have many sweet times to put in your memory box should you decide to keep one too.

Please click on the above site for more ideas to uplift your life.

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How to heal after childhood sexual abuse


Dr. Jodi-Anne M Smith

light of godThis is a gigantic topic that can not be addressed in one blog. We will give some general guidance and cover other aspects in future blogs. Childhood sexual abuse is a heinous act that takes away a child’s sense of innocence and trust in the world. Whether the act was done in a violent or loving manner it rips apart a child’s identity. They are no longer a child living in a world of mystery, awe and learning. They no longer can lose themselves in the moment, they lose spontaneity and joy for life. In its place come watching, scanning for danger, for fear of it happening again. Confusion terrifies – is it good, bad, dirty, evil? Am I a bad person because of it? Why is it a secret? Why mustn’t others know? All of this takes a child out of a child’s mindset and experience of life. It…

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A smile, That’s All It Takes


Randoms by a Random


            This quote by the late maya Angelou is so powerful on it’s own that I’m not going to say much. Being happy is great, but being the reason for someone else’s joy, being the reason behind someone’s smile- now that’s exceptional. A word of kindness, a smile, sometimes that’s all it takes. A lot of vile things have been going on lately, unholy killings, wars- you name it. I think everyone could do with a little rainbow. Let’s  strive to be that. 

                         When was the last time someone made you smile? 


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The Abominable Leaf Kitty


Autumn is very triggering to me.  Even though I love the changing leaves, cooler temperatures and festive decorations I can’t help but also be reminded of some of my worst abuse.  But, when I saw and read about the abominable leaf kitty I smiled and chuckled and felt light-hearted.  And so, I share him with you and hope he does the same for you. 🙂

Needing Something Cozy?


I am down today and don’t know why.  It was a beautiful autumn day outside.  I kept busy and raked some crisp colorful leaves.

I wrote a letter to my pen pal while sipping a cup of tea.

I practiced some moments of gratitude and counted my blessings.

I read some of my favorite blogs; some were interesting, some were funny, some were uplifting…well they should have been uplifting but I am stubbornly gray in mood today.

I am cooking a nice dinner with fresh potatoes and carrots.  But something remains unsatisfied within me.

So I decided to look at some art of Mary Englebreit.  The child within me felt better after immersing myself in the illustrations and colors.

I am a little less down.  I can even smile…with my remaining teeth. 🙂