I awake and am already overwhelmed  and exhausted by early morning dreams.  Like a traffic jam, images and thoughts and feelings crowd my head. Oh, its another day and I am less than thrilled.  Quickly, I sit up so I won’t fall back asleep and  into the dream.  Shaking my head — trying to clear a path — doesn’t work.  I’m relieved to realize that  at least  I don’t work today because its going to take hours to function. Gingerly, holding the railing, I walk down the stairs into the kitchen and press the button on the old coffee maker.  No one else is at home, I realize with some relief.  Wouldn’t want anyone seeing me like this.  Grabbing the cup of coffee, I head to the computer to read blogs I regularly follow.  The fog starts to roll away as I see what’s new with these people who I am getting to know.  We visit each other’s worlds for a time.  I push the like tab on a few and even comment on one.  This fellow-blogger  responds back and we are having a conversation — a meaningful one. Suddenly, I become aware of the breeze through the screened window and the sparrows chirping outside.  It’s another day and I am okay with that.

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