Only Human


So important to remember — especially when one is feeling defective because of the symptoms of post traumatic stress.  PTSD is a normal human response to experiencing traumatic events.  Today, try to accept that you are only human.

9 thoughts on “Only Human

  1. Right. There is nothing wrong with me; its how my body is coping with what happened to me. I just started somatic therapy for ptsd. Funny its called “post” traumatic but I think my body still thinks its present. Glad I found you through Robert’s reblog.

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  2. You have tied into something I was going to address in my “who am I? why am I here? The struggle is real, words we see in connection with so many things. I use them too…the struggle with PTSD is real and I’ll never forget hearing the words “You have PTSD”, caused by abuse. Defective is an accurate description…

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    • … of how we feel sometimes. I have another post titled “Yes” that I reblogged from “pattyspathtohealing” that speaks of us as being warriors rather than survivors. You may like this. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.

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