9 thoughts on “Phoenix Rising

  1. By the way, I was wondering what the rules are for posting meme’s and art. I would love to post things like this to accent my posts. I see that some people post things from places like devianart and other web sites that have art like this one that you posted. Can I just post it as long as I put the credit to the original artist?

    Do I need to contact them to get permission? I have been wondering for a while because I really want to do this and I think when pictures are added to posts, especially poetry posts, it makes more people click and it looks more professional.

    I have checked those sites that say they sell photography for blogs and they are very expensive and out of my league.

    Thank you in advance for any info.


    • A friend told me that they are okay to use. Take that for what its worth! I use Bing images. I think that as long as a site isn’t for profit (like my wordpress account) its okay to use these pictures. But I am just guessing on that.


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