The author of this blog took the time to give me a much needed pep talk after I commented on this quote. I like the self-image of warrior so much better than survivor. It is a more true representation of those of us that fight to function despite our mental battles. Much gratitude and thanks to Pattyspathtohealing.

5 thoughts on “Yes

  1. pattyspathtohealing

    Thank you so much for reblogging this. I think the word warrior needs to be out there changing some perspective. Surviving can be as minimal as subsisting. I don’t want to be subsisting, I want to be thriving and living. But, to do that I have lots of battles to fight. I am a warrior. I fight the battles and keep going and living life to the fullest possible.

    Thank you for the opportunity to give you a pep talk. It helped me to also look differently at some things I’ve been thinking.

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    • You are so right about wanting to do more than merely subsist. I think that is the point I was at till recently. Starting this blog and reading other fighters blogs had started moving me forward. But recognizing myself and others as warriors has been a game changer. To think of oneself as only someone who has survived abuse hardly is a cause for celebration. But to recognize that it takes strength and fortitude (and you have these traits) to face each day with all its challenges is a cause for celebration!

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