Day 24 of Believing the Girl – She’s Fine As She Is


I am borrowing another post from La Quemada because it is an important message for me and anyone who constantly wears facades when out and about in the world….

No matter what else is going on in my life, I am still committed to taking care of my wounded girl, my inner child. This is my month to take care of her, every day. I’ve promised to do it, and I want to keep that promise.

On the advice of my therapist, earlier I wrote up a long list of beliefs that the girl took from being abused at about age nine. It was a very long list. I’m trying to pull together some of them that cluster on the same topic. Then I write to her about those beliefs and encourage her to let go of those that cause her pain. Today’s topic is being lovable as she is. 

My dear one,

I know you had a lot of intense feelings about what happened to you. I also know that from the experience, you took some beliefs about yourself, many of them painful. One…

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